About Alt 5 Sigma


Alt 5 Sigma is a digital assets trading, exchange and custodian services provider headquartered in New York City. Alt 5 Sigma was created by financial industry specialists out of the necessity to provide the digital asset economy with the best practices in security, accessibility, transparency and compliance.


Alt 5 Sigma provides its clients the ability to buy, sell and hold digital assets in a safe, and secure environment. Alt 5 Sigma’s products and services are available to Banks, Broker Dealers, Funds, Family Offices, Professional Traders, Retail Traders, Digital Asset Exchanges, Financial Information Providers, and Blockchain Developers.


Buy, Sell and Hold Digital Assets

Built on the foundation of Security, Accessibility, Compliance and Transparency

Institutional Grade Digital Assets Trading and Custodian Services built on the foundation of Security, Accessibility, Compliancy and Transparency.