Alt 5 Sigma Partners with Khurram Shroff’s CanETH for the Genesis Launch of Ethereum 2.0

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Alt-5-Sigma-Partners-with-Khurram-Shroffs-CanETHAlt 5 Sigma Inc. an emerging leader in blockchain powered financial platforms announced today that it has partnered with Khurram Shroff's CanETH for the Genesis Launch of Ethereum 2.0.

According to the company, the partnership seeks to facilitate the buying and staking of Ethereum by integrating the Canadian based CanETH and the proprietary trading platform Alt 5 Pro. CanETH is a Canadian based institutional-grade staking service for holders of Ether. CanETH is backed by Dubai based Khurram Shroff, the Chairman of the IBC Group. His Excellency, Khurram Shroff was a very early adopter and is known as a "Bitcoin Whale" in the cryptocurrency sector.

As part of the partnership, Alt 5 will give its customers access to the Ethereum 2.0 launch by integrating the CanETH staking platform and in turn, CanETH has offered the Genesis block validators exclusively to the Alt 5 Community. The Global community can easily open an account, validate KYC, and deposit US dollars, Canadian Dollars or Euros to purchase ETH on ALT5 Pro Trade LLC (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alt 5 Sigma Inc. and enter into the CanETH pooling and staking service which according to the Ethereum Foundation, is estimated to earn 22% return annually.

"The coming together of CanETH Pool and Alt 5 has proved to be a decisive factor in the Ethereum 2.0 Genesis launch reaching, and exceeding, the deposit threshold for the beacon chain to go live", said Khurram Shroff, Chairman of the IBC Group of Dubai. "The partnership delivered the perfect combination of ease of investment and dependable infrastructure, for those interested in being part of the Staking process," further added H.E. Shroff.

"We believe the technical capability and commitment that CanETH Pool brought to the Staking for Ethereum 2.0 proved to be a turning point within our investor pool", said André Beauchesne, Chairman of Alt 5 Sigma Inc. "The partnership facilitated the Staking process for the global crypto community," added Mr. Beauchesne

H.E. Khurram Shroff played a crucial role in influencing and mobilizing the Ethereum community and enabling the Ethereum beacon chain to go live on schedule. Entering the Staking process when total Stakes stood at only 80,000 Ether, his backing of the Ethereum 2.0 Genesis launch resulted in a ten-fold increase in Stakes, to 800,000 Ether. From a position of real concern that the threshold deposit might not be reached, Khurram Shroff's leadership was instrumental in the beacon chain exceeding targeted Stakes, ushering in a new era for the blockchain community.

About Khurram Shroff

Khurram is an award winning global banking and finance leader, who has been featured in the prestigious list of the "Top 100 Most Powerful and Influential Muslims in Great Britain and the World" by Power100. He is the Chairman of IBC Group, which is a substantial Global Real Estate and Tech investment company based in the UAE, as well as Chairman of Gallery Suites, which focuses on inspirational living with bespoke art collections in holiday home properties across Middle East and Asia.

About IBC Group

IBC Group Limited is a Substantial Investment Company based in the UAE since 2014, with a focus on private equity investment in Blockchain Technology, Real Estate and Art. Since its inception, the IBC Group Limited has focused on investments with a strategic, ethical and innovative strategy, leveraging strong partnerships and cutting edge technologies.

About CanETH Staking Service

CanETH Staking is the smartest Ether staking service. CanETH is a decentralised global network that offers ETH 2.0 staking for users. CanETH has a proprietary process to auto update scripts on the codebase. This integrates with Firewall rules and Port Forwarding to maximize staking rewards. CanETH is a participant in the Medalla testnet with active validators.

About Alt 5 Sigma Inc.

ALT 5 is a fintech company specializing in the development and deployment of digital assets trading and exchange platforms. Alt 5 was founded by financial industry specialists out of the necessity to provide the digital asset economy with security, accessibility, transparency and compliance.

ALT 5 provides its clients the ability to buy, sell and hold digital assets in a safe and secure environment deployed with the best practices of the financial industry. ALT 5's products and services are available to Banks, Broker Dealers, Funds, Family Offices, Professional Traders, Retail Traders, Digital Asset Exchanges, Digital Asset Brokers, Blockchain Developers, and Financial Information Providers.

ALT 5's digital asset custodian services are secured by GardaWorld. GardaWorld is the world's largest privately-owned business solutions and security services company, offering cash management services.

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