Global Real-Estate Exchange (GREX)

Global Real-Estate Exchange, GREX brings real-estate owners and investors together to buy, sell and hold real-estate fractionalization

GREX Solution Details

  • Patented Process
  • Registering secondary mortgage and the issuance of city tokens against said secondary mortgage, and/or landmark tokens.
  • No interest and or no payments
  • Value increases with the value of the property, but can also decrease with the value of the property
  • In order to retire the tokenized secondary mortgage, the same number of tokens from the same city are required to pay and release the secondary mortgage.

GREX Process


The building is evaluated and a determination on loan to value for the underwriting is made. i.e A New York city building is valued at $10 million and 30% is granted. Therefore $3 million GREX secondary mortgage is issued in the overall value of the portfolio.


A total of $3 million New York City GREX tokens are issued. i.e. if the NYC GREX tokens are valued at $1.00 per token, the owner receives 3,000,000 NYC GREX tokens.


Owner receives a deposit on the GREX platform and said token can be sold to investors in a block trade and / or can sell tokens as required. Therefore it can be re-purchased at anytime as well.


The owner sells his building, and in time it has increased in value and in order to retire the GREX secondary mortgage, the owner needs to deliver 3,000,000 NYC GREX tokens. If the market is efficient, the tokens should reflect the increased value, and/or the supply & demand imbalance may force the owner to pay more and/or less for the tokens. In the event the owner never sells, the secondary mortgage is never retired and accumulates in value over time, and therefore is reflected in the overall value of the portfolio.

Advantages and limitations for both for
real-estate owners and for the investors.

For Real-Estate Owners


  • Increased liquidity of up to 50% of holdings and therefore can be 100% leveraged, but only in the best conditions.
  • Increase visibility and increase investor reach.
  • No interest payments.
  • No payments until either the building is sold or owner wants to retire the debt.
  • Complete control over its assets.


  • Tokens may increase faster than the value of the building.
  • Forgo the upside increase of value.

For the Investor


  • Can invest in various real-estate opportunities either by city or by landmark without the need to have large capital available.
  • Passive investment.
  • Liquid and can buy, sell and or hold various real-estate in real-time.


  • No Revenue
  • Downside potential.

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