ALT 5 Pay - Digital Assets Payment Gateway

ALT 5 Pay

ALT 5 Pay is a complete Digital Assets Payment Platform allowing merchants to accept digital assets as payment using existing hardware and payment gateways.

ALT 5 Pay overcomes digital asset volatility for merchants by incorporating payments directly into exchange platform networks for instant liquidity. Merchants will be able to receive instant fiat value for payment or hold digital assets to be liquidated at a future date. This happens immediately in the ALT 5 ecosystem within the ALT 5 Pay dashboard.

Merchants will not have to move their digital assets to a third party exchange to sell.

ALT 5 Pay Solutions

White Label Solution

The White-Label Product solution offers clients total control over their back-office and customer data as well as trade execution.

API Integration Solution

API Integration offers clients seamless integration of digital assets into their existing platforms. The client has full control over all functions of the service including the back-office and customer data.

Co-branded Solution

The Co-Branded Solution offers all of the same features as the White Label and API Integration. The exception is that the client does not have access to the back-office data, including but not limited to the client data. All support and back-office services are performed by ALT 5 Sigma.

ALT 5 Pay Key Features


Accept more than 25 digital assets and ALT 5 Stable Coin.


Reach new global markets instantly.

Instant Transactions

Receive funds directly to your bank account with zero price volatility or risk.


Reduce fraud with no chargebacks or ID theft.

ALT 5 Pay provides a quick, easy, and cost-effective way for merchants to receive crypto payments from customers without the risk of volatility exposure.

Whether you're an eCommerce business looking to accept crypto or a freelancer hoping to gain a competitive edge, ALT 5 Pay enables you to seamlessly receive cryptocurrency payments.

Institutional grade digital assets trading and custodian services built on the foundation of security, accessibility, compliancy and transparency

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