Digital Asset Trading Platform

Alt 5 Prime

Alt 5 Prime is a complete turn-key solution for banks, broker dealers, funds, family office and exchanges enable the integration of digital instruments. Alt 5 Prime provides for clearing and settlement in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars and Euro, as well as state-of-the-art cold storage through a partnership with Garda World.

Alt 5 Prime solutions

White Label solution

White-Label Product solution offer clients total control over their back-office and customer data as well as trade execution.

API Integration Solution

API Integration offers clients seamless integration of digital assets into their existing platforms, the client has full control over all functions of the service including the back-office and customer data.

Co-branded Solution

The Co-Branded Product offers all the same features as the White Label and or the API Integration to the exception that the Client does not have access to the back-office data including but not limited to the client data and all support and back-office services are performed by the Company.

Alt 5 Pro is a proprietary trading platform service aimed at individual professional traders and or remote full-time traders enabling 24 hours trading of digital instruments including but not limited to “cryptocurrencies” such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.  NOTE: This service is currently not available to resident of Canada, and or the United States of America and is offered through a wholly owned subsidiary located in Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Alt 5 Prime & Alt 5 Pro Key Features


State-of-the-art matching engine that connects Alt 5’s entire ecosystem into one liquidity pool


Seamless desktop and mobile integration, combined with an intuitive interface for convenient trading on the go


Our digital asset market is security hardened with integrated proactive monitoring, managed firewalls, in-house IDS/IPS, DDoS protection and more.


World class AML and KYC technology, including transaction monitoring, two factor authentication, facial recognition and AI liveness testing to secure user experience

Institutional Grade Digital Assets Trading and Custodian Services built on the foundation of Security, Accessibility, Compliancy and Transparency.