Week in review: August 19 2022

Written by Robby Ramos
on August 22, 2022
Week in review: August 19 2022

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Market Updates by Robert Lynch | Head of Research and Strategy

Market Update: Bitcoin and Ether Prices Slide as Macro Pressures Reemerge

Robert Lynch – ALT 5 Sigma | August 19, 2022
Friday’s sharp drop in bitcoin and ether serves as a reminder that the recent gains and stability in crypto token prices does not represent a new era of sustainably lower volatility for digital assets. On the contrary, the 9% drop in the major token prices Friday highlights that the road to recovery from crypto winter (which ironically was most intense during the spring months) will not be a straight line to higher valuations and more stable market conditions.

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ALT 5 – Digital Assets Morning Call

Robert Lynch – ALT 5 Sigma | August 15-18, 2022
The Digital Assets Morning Call is a new segment by Robert Lynch, the Head of Research and Strategy at ALT 5 Sigma. This is a brief rundown of the latest developments impacting digital assets through a macro lens.

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Crypto News From Around The World

Ether is Up 100% Since its Bottom in June, Massively Outperforming Bitcoin

CNBC August 18, 2022
Ether also hit its recent low on June 19 at $880.93, but has surged 106% since then. The huge divergence in performance in the two cryptocurrencies come down to one major factor: a big upgrade in the ethereum blockchain. Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the ethereum network.
Ethereum’s upgrade, called the “merge,” is slated to take place on Sept. 15 after numerous delays. The blockchain will change from a so-called proof-of-work system to a model called proof-of-stake.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Plunges Below $22,000, While ETH Nears 10-Day Low

Bitcoin.com | August 19, 2022
Bitcoin was significantly lower on Friday, as the token fell by over $1,500 in a 24-hour period. The world’s largest cryptocurrency has been declining all week, however today’s drop engulfed previous losses. Ethereum was also in the red, as the token fell below $1,700 for the first time in almost ten days.

Ethereum Merge Prompts Miners and Mining Pools to Make a Choice

Cointelegraph | August 19, 2022
The Ethereum blockchain is all set to make its highly anticipated transition from its current proof-of-work (PoW) mining consensus to proof-of-stake (PoS). The Merge date is officially scheduled for Sept. 15–16 after the successful final Goerli testnet integration to the Beacon Chain on Aug. 11. At present, miners can create new Ether (ETH) by pledging a huge amount of computing power. After the Merge, however, network participants, known as validators, will be required to instead pledge large amounts of pre-existing ETH to validate blocks, creating more ETH and earning staking rewards.

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