Week in review: Feb. 05, 2021 – BTC’s Acceptance

Written by Robby Ramos
on February 6, 2021

Elon Musk says he’s a supporter of bitcoin and thinks it will get ‘broad acceptance’ in finance

CNBC: February 1, 2021

Early Friday, the billionaire Tesla boss added the hashtag #bitcoin to his Twitter bio, in a move that helped to briefly push up the price of the cryptocurrency by as much as 20%.

Ray Dalio: ‘Bitcoin One Hell of an invention’ Considers it for New Funds

Bloomberg: January 28, 2021

The largest hedge fund manager in the world, Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates calls bitcoin “one hell of an invention” as a “long-duration option on a highly unknown future”.

Ethereum Reaches New All-Time High, Bitcoin Breaks Above $38,000

Decrypt: February 5, 2021

The two largest cryptocurrencies are on rise today as Ethereum breaks a new all-time high while Bitcoin is climbing back to its previous one.

GameStop mania may not have been the retail trader rebellion it was perceived to be, data shows

CNBC: February 5, 2021

A look at the 10 most-purchased stocks by retail traders during the market mania last month is missing one key stock: GameStop.

Meet the Technician Who Unlocks Your Forgotten Crypto Wallets

CoinDesk: February 4, 2021

It’s a bitcoin bull run and you’ve forgotten the password to your wallet. What’s next?

Bitcoin an ‘Emerging Competitor’ to Gold, Says CME’s Chief Economist

CoinDesk: January 29, 2021

Bluford Putnam, chief economist and managing director of CME Group, believes bitcoin is an “emerging competitor” to gold.

Robby Ramos

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