Week in review: January 7, 2022 – Bitcoin to take on gold?

Written by ALT 5 Sigma
on January 10, 2022

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  • Goldman Sachs expects Bitcoin to take more market share from gold, as “store of value” market share is seen as being up for grabs.
  • Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary reveals his crypto portfolio and shares his predictions for 2022.
  • Billionaires are embracing crypto.

Read our weekly round up below.

Goldman Says Bitcoin $100,000 a Possibility by Taking on Gold

Bloomberg | January 4, 2022

Bitcoin will continue to take market share from gold as part of broader adoption of digital assets, making the often touted price prediction of a $100,000 by advocates a possibility, according to Goldman Sachs Group.

Kevin O’Leary Reveals Crypto Portfolio, Shares Prediction For 2022

Crypto Daily | December 22, 2021

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary has shed light on his crypto portfolio in an interview with Trader TV, revealing that his crypto portfolio includes Bitcoin and four other altcoins. He also revealed his allocation to each crypto, with Ethereum currently being his largest allocation.

Billionaires Are Embracing Crypto In Case Money ‘Goes To Hell’

BNN Bloomberg | January 3, 2022

Thomas Peterffy took out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal in 2017 warning of the dangers that bitcoin futures posed to capital markets. Peterffy, worth US$25 billion, said it’s prudent to have 2 per cent to 3 per cent of one’s personal wealth in cryptocurrencies, just in case fiat currency goes to “hell”.

This Week in Crypto: Some Promising Green Patches

TipRanks | January 6, 2022

Nearly every major cryptocurrency that briefly bounced back from the prior week’s losses has since retreated from earlier gains to trend horizontally. Even though fear has encircled the market to an extent, the latest FOMC decision may trigger some relief for bulls.

Pro-Bitcoin Senator Lummis to Propose New Crypto Regulator

CNBC | January 7, 2022

Bitcoin dropped to a three-month low late Thursday amid jitters over U.S. monetary policy tightening and an internet shutdown in Kazakhstan, the world’s second-biggest bitcoin mining hub.

Bividend: Nasdaq-Listed Company to Pay Dividends in Bitcoin at the Option of Shareholders

Bitcoin.com | January 7, 2022

A Nasdaq-listed company has announced that shareholders can receive dividends in bitcoin. The company claims to be the first one to pay dividends in the cryptocurrency.

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