Week in review: July 15 2022

Written by Robby Ramos
on July 19, 2022
Week in review: July 15 2022 - Financial Conditions As a Central Bank Guidepost and The Impact on Crypto Tokens

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Market Updates by Robert Lynch | Head of Research and Strategy

Market Update: Financial Conditions As a Central Bank Guidepost and The Impact on Crypto Tokens

Robert Lynch – ALT 5 Sigma | July 15, 2022
For all of the market’s justifiable concerns about rampant inflation and downgraded growth expectations, the price action in major crypto tokens has been relatively stable in recent weeks. Of course, that stability needs to be viewed alongside the steep price decline that bitcoin and ether have endured this year, and particularly in the past several months.

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ALT 5 – Digital Assets Morning Call

Robert Lynch – ALT 5 Sigma | July 11-14, 2022
The Digital Assets Morning Call is a new segment by Robert Lynch, the Head of Research and Strategy at ALT 5 Sigma. This is a brief rundown of the latest developments impacting digital assets through a macro lens.

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Crypto News From Around The World

Three-Quarters of Financial Institutions Expect to Use Crypto More in the Next Three YearsLuxury Watchmaker Breitling Starts Accepting Bitcoin for Purchases

BeInCrypto July 15, 2022
Ripple surveyed over 800 financial leaders and enterprises from several countries, as well as over 700 blockchain developers. The questions posed to these parties covered blockchain technology, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and portfolios, payments and capital, among others.

For Bitcoin To Bottom Here’s What The Market Wants To See

CNBC | July 14, 2022
An improvement in macroeconomic factors, a particular trading pattern and a further shakeout of companies and projects could be the key ingredients required for bitcoin and the broader crypto market to bottom, industry players told CNBC.
Bitcoin has plummeted more than 70% from its record high in November with around $2 trillion wiped off the value of the entire cryptocurrency market.

What’s Next For Bold Bitcoin-Buyer Microstrategy?

Bitcoin Magazine | July 14, 2022
It’s a perennial exercise whenever an asset is mired in a prolonged and deep drawdown: People look at the charts, they go over this or that indicator and they get their checklists out to try to figure out when it might find a floor. For Bitcoin, there’s plenty of such action happening right now, with technical signals that in the past have suggested just such a formation.

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