Providing Financial services providers a customizable trading platform

Turn key cryptocurrency trading platform and storage solution.

Designed for institutional users.

Cryptocurrency investors today are mostly self taught early adopters. Nonetheless, the vast majority of conventional investors – whose assets’ value still dwarfs all cryptocurrencies’ market cap by a factor of 150 –
rely on their broker-dealer for investment services. They are becoming increasingly interested to invest in cryptocurrencies, yet existing cryptocurrency exchanges remain either geared towards individual investors, or too opaque and unreliable for the use of regulated  broker-dealers.

Alt 5 Sigma bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and the   overwhelming majority of U.S. investors who are unfamiliar with them, or not interested in using exchanges on their own.  Alt 5 Sigma provides a platform safe from fraud, relying on the same proven communication standards as those used by traditional securities exchanges (FIX API), bolstered by state of the art cold storage services through recognized 3rd parties.

The Alt 5 Sigma Difference

Providing Financial services providers a customizable trading platform, enabling them to offer their clients a safe, reliable and simple one-stop shop to invest in cryptocurrencies

Security and fraud

Multilayer security features and cold storage capabilities provided in part by trusted third party providers, to which customers retain the private keys


A single product offering features and a UX specifically designed for professional broker-dealers


Transparent, auditable and KYC/AML compliant processes overseen by seasoned financial experts with institutional experience


Access to liquidity pools and guarantee of clearing for large transactions, as well as readily accessible hot wallets

Trade all digital asset

Support available for all public or private blockchain - including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Mioto, Ripple and more.

Enterprise matching engine

Throughput of nearly 1 million transactions per second. Ultra-lean design. Advanced risk controls.

Designed and developed for active traders.

High-performance trading technology with institution-grade throughput & security. Built for blockchain. Optimizable for instituional, professional, and retail trading.