Connecting financial institutions to the crypto global markets


The Alt 5 Sigma customizable trading platform offers financial services providers the ability to provide cryptocurrency trading to their clients, as well as related back office services to safeguard cryptocurrencies utilizing best practices in cyber security, cold storage, insurance coverage, compliance and audited account reporting. The Alt 5 Sigma platform has been built exclusively for use by financial institutions. Our FIX (financial information exchange) protocol makes connectivity to our trading platform easy to integrate into most bank, brokerage, fund and other financial institution order management and trading platforms. For those institutions that do not want to integrate our platform into their existing systems, we will offer a private labeled, secure web interface into our platform. Alt 5 Sigma is the only trading platform designed specifically for financial services providers. It will provide our clients with:

  • Cryptocurrency trading integrated into their current order entry system.
  • Cryptocurrency trade execution and trade reporting.
  • Client reporting.
  • Storage of digital cryptocurrency assets in a highly secure environment.
  • Latest FIX protocol for seamless integrations with API
  • 10 most active cryptocurrencies (additional instruments can be added on demand).
  • 1 million transactions per second capability and can be scaled up.
  • 10 major fiat pairs (FOREX).
  • Unlimited client accounts and sub-accounts.
  • Fully compliant KYC and AML
  • Connected to multiple additional liquidity sources.
  • Multiple order management system capabilities.
  • Best practice in cyber security.
  • Best practice in security (place, people, and things).
  • Best practice in cold storage.
  • Audited positions of hot and cold assets.

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